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with AI & data

Kitoks is a marketing platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate its campaigns. Forget about the creative, copywriting, targeting and optimization - everything is done by the self-learning Kitoks AI. Get ahead of competition without the need of a full digital team.

Kitoks AI is based on data points from thousands of successful campaigns for businesses ranging from freelancers to SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. We know what works and what doesn't. Tell us your goal, and let us do the magic. 

Kitoks Ads Boosters

Before you create your first campaign, first consider what your marketing goals are. Kitoks boosters falls under 3 broad marketing goals - Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.


Boost Traffic

Reach people more likely to watch your video, download your app, listen to your music, or visit your website's landing page or blog.


Boost Live Traffic

Reach people more likely to watch your live stream, in real time. Engagement is secondary. Encompass a wide variety of topics, from video games to fashion.


Boost Engagement

Reach people more likely to engage with your content. Engagement includes follows, subscribes, likes, votes, shares, tags and check-ins.


Boost Conversion

Reach people more likely to take a specific action on your page, such as add items to a cart, make a purchase, leave reviews, comment or visit your premise.


Boost Ranking

Reach people more likely to contribute to the ranking factors of a search engine. Typically relevance to search term and quality of engagement.

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