Spotify Followers (Playlist) + Plays (Streams)

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Why buy Spotify Followers (Playlist) and Spotify Plays (Streams) from OverStream?

Patented OverStream technology provides for the display of partially transparent layers of creative content over any video or live streaming content. That has led to the 2018 launch of OverStream Video Ads. Overstream Video Ads is commonly placed at top SSP (Supply Side Providers) to offer billions of ads to participating websites and apps to support music, video, and live streams. Which means you are actually buying REAL audiences that will watch your video and determine for themselves if your video is worth their time instead of buying fake Spotify Plays or buying fake Spotify followers which users Spotify bots. OverStream uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics to assess the media content to instantaneously optimize the target audience and CTA (Call to Action) for your video to ensure that your video gets to the right audience at a reasonable cost. You may also feel assured placing an order with Overstream knowing we’ve been working with AppSally from the start and providing more AppSally buy Spotify Plays and Spotify Followers and customers than any other company on the planet!


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